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Innovative! New product that can wirelessly transmits 24 input signals & supply 24V1A

A 55 x 55 x 30 mm compact size wireless remote sensor system has been newly released.
Max. 24 sensors can be connected, and their signals can be transmitted wirelessly.
In addition, 24V1A power is inductively supplied to the sensors.

Evolved wireless power supply system!

● Transmission of 24 input signals conventionally required 3 sets of remote systems, but the newly released remote sensor system can transmit 3 times the conventional, 24 input signals wirelessly.
● Transmission distance is 10 mm, twice that of conventional products! !
● Power is 24V1A, about 8.7 times the conventional!

Two-stage transmission

Combining high-power remote sensor systems with standard types
Makes it possible to do two-stge transmission.

Two sets of two-way wireless signal transmission combine

high-power type and standard type remote sensor system, and two-way signal transmission can be possible.
Because of the high power type remote system, it is also possible to connect devices with large electric capacity such as motors and solenoid valves.

Further more detailed specification can be seen from here.
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