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When an AGV meets the wireless power..NEW!

Hello, I’m Jay, an AGV powered by a lead battery.
Sometimes I was bothered by the misselection of the battery, or insufficient charging.
One day I met wireless charging and my life imporved!

Solution of connector trobles in the case of die exchange

If signal transmission and power supply of a sensor for die identification are carried out wirelessly,
you can save maintainance cost and worker’s time.

Wireless power supply presented by AutoElectros

Learn about wireless power supply from AutoElectros, an American distributor of B&PLUS products!

B&PLUS wireless power supply for automatic tool changers

B&PLUS has succeeded with wireless power supply to a moving unit and signal transmission from the moving unit. IP67 rated for waterproofing and protection against dust!

Use the B&PLUS RCS system for wireless power supply to automated guided vehicles

Charges the battery in automated guided vehicles contact-free! Because the power is supplied wirelessly, charging occurs while the vehicle is stopped. Auxiliary charging is also possible while loading/unloading and during breaks.

Wireless power supply to traverser
motor rollers

When you have a conveyor that flips up to allow passage, it is easy to connect a wireless supply power with cables or connectors. Cut out wasted time fastening and removing connectors, and eliminate broken cables and troubles with broken connectors!

Supply power even during operation! A ring-shaped wireless power system.

Information from the rotary shaft sensor is transmitted contact-free along with a power supply! That’s the center hole contact-free wireless supply system from B&PLUS!

It’s the B&PLUS Magic Show!!!

Learn how easy wireless power supply is through our Remote Magic Show

Wireless pallet control in the CC-Link network!

Wireless pallet control in the CC-Link network.
cc-link data signal can be transmitted wirelessly.

Wireless power supply on the conveyor shuttle application

Wirless power supply to moving shuttle on the conveyor. No need to use connector.

Slid type power supply system

Linear remote sensor can save the installation space for the cableveyor, and there is no need to determaine the stop position as it keeps transmitting power and signal while it is sliding.

The B&PLUS Compact 8bit System

The 8-bit system can identify up to 256 different tags. Easy installation with no controller necessary.

5bit System Presented by AutoElectros

Learn about the RFID 5bit system from AutoElectros, an American distributor of B&PLUS products!