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Type Clear B-PLUS-TAPE-CL-2536 B-PLUS-TAPE-CL-5011
White B-PLUS-TAPE-WH-2536
Black B-PLUS-TAPE-BK-2536
Size Width: 2.5 cm Width: 5 cm
Length: 3.65 m Length: 11 m
Thickness: 0.5 mm Thickness: 0.76 mm
Operating templature -65 to +260 ºC
Dielectric strength 400 V/1mil thickness (15,748 V/mm thickness)
Moisture absorption rate 3 %
Elongation 300 %
Material Silicone rubber


Notes: sales in USA only.

Increment types
Encoder MES-3 Encoder MES-6 Encoder MES(H)-9 Encoder MES(H)-12 Encoder MES(H)-17
Model MES-3 MES-6 MES(H)-9 MES(H)-12 MES(H)-17
Size φ5 x 9.6 mm φ7.5 x 10.5 mm φ13 x 20 mm φ20 x 20 mm φ20 x 15 mm
Resolution 64 to 1024 100 to 500 100 to 16,000 100 to 32,000 100 to 500
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Encoder MES(H/D)-20 Encoder MEH-30T Encoder MES(H)-30< Encoder MES-40 Encoder MES(H)-50
Model MES(H/D)-20 MEH-30T MES(H)-30 MES-40 MES(H)-50
Size φ32 x 22 mm φ44 x 18 mm φ44 x 22 mm φ56 x 40 mm φ65 x 30 mm
Resolution 40 to 57,600 10,000 to 200,000 40 to 144,000 100 to 80,000 500 to 172,800
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Encoder MEH-60 Encoder MEH-85 Encoder MEH-130 Encoder MEH-180
Model MEH-60 MEH-85 MEH-130 MEH-180
Size φ74 x 30 mm φ100 x 26 mm φ150 x 50 mm φ200 x 71 mm
Resolution 180 to 345,600 200 to 345,600 360 to 518,400 36,000 to 576,000
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Modular types
Encoder MGH-12 Encoder MGH-14 Encoder MGH-20 Encoder MGH-30
Model MGH-12 MGH-14 MGH-20 MGH-30
Size φ20 x 23 mm φ18.9 x 20 mm φ32 x 22.5 mm φ44 x 21 mm
Resolution 1024 to 8192 100 to 300 40 to 1,200 40 to 2,000
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Absolute types
Encoders types MAS-10 Encoders MMS-10 Encoders MAS(H)-17 Encoders MAS(H)-20 Encoders MAS(H)-36
Model MAS-10 MMS-10 MAS(H)-17 MAS(H)-20 MAS(H)-36
Size φ13 x 15.5 mm φ13 x 17.2 mm φ20 x 21 mm φ32 x 24 mm φ46 x 30 mm
Resolution 256 256 to 1024 or SSI 256 to 1024 256 to 4096 256 to 16,384
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Encoders MAS(H)-42 Encoders MXS-36 Encoders MXS-42 Encoders SES-10 Encoders SES(H)-17
Model MAS(H)-42 MXS-36 MXS-42 SES-10 SES(H)-17
Size φ52 x 30 mm φ46 x 55 mm φ65 x 63.5 mm φ13 x 10 mm φ20 x 12.5 mm
Resolution 256 to 4096 128 to 1024 128 to 4096 100 to 200 100 to 360
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Special items
Encoders RHE series Encoders DC siries Encoders MT series
Model RHE series DC series MT series
Characteristics – Roller type encoder
– Easy measuring
– Minimum reading 0.1 to 1 mm
– Small, robust counter
– Moving decimal point
— Performs division, multiplication
– In combination with the ME-12PS, ME-20PS or ME-30PS, division is made into 8 multiple and 16 multiple
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Measure the position by wire Encoder!!!

Measure the position by wire Encoder!!!
Wire types
Encoders MLS-12 Encoders MLS-30 Encoders MLS-50 Encoders MLA-17 Encoders MLA-30
Model MLS-12 MLS-30 MLS-50 MLA-17 MLA-30
Size 23 x 24 x 25 mm 44 x 44 x 35 mm 78 x 132 x 51 mm 23 x 24 x 27.4 mm 54 x 46 x 38.5 mm
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EncodersMLA-36 EncodersMLA-50
Model MLA-36 MLA-50
Size 51 x 59 x 69 mm 90 x 177 x 58.5 mm
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Guide sensors

Notes: sales in USA only.

AGV Guide Sensors

The AGV Guide Sensor makes it possible to expand the travel route options for automated guided vehicles. The use of a magnetic tape avoids problems with floor modifications. The magnetic tape travel route can be modified easily and is resistant against dust, water and light. The AGV Guide Sensor detects slight magnetic fluxes from the magnetic guide tape at a distance of 20 to 30 mm and generates multiple switching signals and/or a deviation voltage.

Parallel types
AGV Guide SensorsGS-108 AGV Guide SensorsGS-115 AGV Guide Sensors GS-116 AGV Guide Sensors GS-3384AGS
Model GS-108 GS-115 GS-116 GS-3384A
Power supply DC: 10.8–30 V DC: 10.8–30 V DC: 10.8–30 V DC: 10.8–30 V
Output Parallel 8-bit Parallel 15-bit Parallel 16-bit Parallel 15-bit
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Guide tapes
Guide tapes MGL-50L-* Guide tapes MGR-***L-* Guide tapes MGL-50L-25
Model MGL-50L-* MGR-***L-* MGL-50L-25
Note Straight Curve Long type
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AGV Address Mark Readers

Address marks are installed at station junctions alongside the guidance tape route. The address mark has a binary 8-bit code and two timing bits. The Address Mark Reader detects the address mark code and outputs parallel data. The code is retained until a new address mark is detected.

Address mark readers
Address mark readers SMR-100C Address mark readers SMR-50B-N(S) Address mark readers SMR-106 Address mark readers SMR-2352H2-N(S)
Model SMR-100C SMR-50B-N(S) SMR-106 SMR-2352H2-N(S)
Output N-pole 1ch
S-pole 1ch
N-pole 1ch
(S-pole 1ch)
6-bit/64 Code 8-bit/256 Code
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Address markers
Address markers SMG-100N(S) Address markers SMG-106 Address markers SMG-2352(S)
Model SMG-100N(S) SMG-106 SMG-2352(S)
Data N-pole(S-pole) 6-bit/64code 8-bit/256code
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AGV Positioning Sensors

The Positioning Sensor detects magnet marks along the AGV route and generates an analog voltage and a gate signal. A voltage of 0 V and an ON gate signal indicate a precise positioning point.

Positioning sensors
AGV Positioning Sensors LS-1601
Model LS-1601
Output Degital ON/OFF
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