Demonstration of RS24 (Multiple signal transmission up to 24)

We develop new remote sensor which can transfer up to 24 signals with compact shape.
Many customer desire these compact, easy wiring and much signals transmitter.
Please confirm below video for easy understandings about our new products!!

As you can confirm above video, new remote sensor can transfer 24 signals with 24V1A.

3 kinds of strength upgrade specification

There are 3 kinds of strength upgrade specification than past our producdts.

1. 3 times signal transmission
For customers who used 3 sets of conventional remote sensors for multi
point transmission….It works with 1 set with less space with 24 signals
transmission type. Transmits 3 times the number of signals in one set.

2. Longer distance
The transmission distance is max. 10 mm. It is twice of the conventional
compact size 12 signals transmission type.

3. High power 24V1A
The size is 1.2 times of the conventional compact remote. The
power to transmit is about 8.7 times higher than the conventional
power. The variation of connection spreads.

Safe and secure protection function

B&PLUS compact remote system is equipped with various excellent protection functions to prevent breakdowns.
So it could be used safety.