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Inductive coupler of bidirectional transmission type ~ 4 input and 4 ouput signals with 24V1A

A remote system capable of wireless power supply to various sensors + wireless signal transmission is further enhanced!
A bidirectional signal transmission type with 4 input signals + 4 output signals is added to the compact type (45x45x25mm) for high power 24V 1A remote system.

Bidirectional wireless signal transmission

Wireless signal transmission of Max. 4 input signals of various sensors such as detection sensor and max. 4 output signals to drive system unit like as motor or solenoid valve.
In addition, 24V1A can be wirelessly supplied.
Its small size makes it ideal for small installation spaces.


● The size is about 1/7 smaller than the conventional one! (Volume ratio)
Its compact size makes it ideal for mounting in tight spaces.
● The power is 24V1A, about 3.3 times that of the conventional model!
● As the protection class is IP 67, it can be used under water splashing circumstance.

Safe and secure protection function

B&PLUS compact remote system is equipped with various excellent protection functions to prevent breakdowns.
So it could be used safety.

Further more detailed specification can be seen from here.
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