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Newly released! Sliding type linear remote sensor!

It is a unit that enables power supply to sensors and 8 signals can be transmitted while sliding with a linear shape.

Up to now, remote sensors system have contributed to the solution for disconnection of moving equipment and elimination of connector troubles.
In response to the customers’ request, B & PLUS has developed a new technology product by which power can be constantly supplied within the range of the linear bar.
Make it in line with the operation section, supply electric power and transmit sensor signal

Good for replacing cableveyor

For example, if you use wireless power supply instead of cableveyor, disconnection can be eliminated. That’s not all. A lot of advanteges as below!
1. Improve durability
2. Easy to maintain
3. Speed up facilities

Further upgrading!

This is the application of wireless power supply to the sensor for comfirming workpiece seating on the pallet moving on the transport shuttle.

The conventional B&PLUS wireless power supply system has also contributed to the improvement of the operability. However, the newly released Linear Remote Sensor is further upgrading. It is possible to transmit signals without delay without concern for the stop position while moving.

Further more detailed specification can be seen from here.
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