Actual Examples

Wireless charging for batteries of cycle sharing

The newly released wireless charging system for lithium-ion battery is widely used for share cycle.


Positioning is easy
-Operating distance Max.20mm
-Center offset Max.20mm

CCCV charging with 28.9V1A
-Battery-friendly charging method contributes to long battery life.

Protection class IP67
-cycle sharing: It is safe even if it gets wet in the rain
-medical equipment:can be washed because has high protection class

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Wireless charging for batteries of cycle sharing(PDF)

Product information

Product to meet customer’s request

Actually, this product is developed to meet the customer’s request.
Wireless power supply B & Plus is available for customized products.
Prototypes with short delivery times and low prices are popular be
cause they have a larger image and are easier to understand when commercializing.

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